Hello, all. I’m author C.M. Blackwood, and this is my second blog. If you are familiar with my literary journal, Blackwood’s Magazineyou may already be suspicious of what sort of material I’ll be bringing you.

I am, in general, a lesbian romance author. More specifically, I am a writer of mysteries. This, however, is simply a new site by which to bring all my new friends certain strange and perhaps unnecessary bits of information.

As stated in the Wikipedia encyclopedia: “A ‘folly’ is a building usually constructed strictly for aesthetic pleasure. Originally, buildings were made to provide shelter or to house people. Follies are just decoration; they no longer have a building’s original function. They were first constructed to put accents into parks and estates. ‘Folly’ is used in the sense of fun and light-heartedness, not in the sense of something ill-advised.”

In a word, then — I am merely here in an attempt to divert you. I have no intention of changing your views, or of attempting to sell you anything.

Welcome to Blackwood’s Follies.