Blogging Vs. Fame :0

Okay — so we all want to be that person walking in the street, whom everybody whips out their smartphones to photograph. We’d be like, “Yep, you know it. I’m the next Marilyn Monroe.”


But, the truth is, that hardly ever happens. When it does, it’s oftentimes mere luck, or fortune — and our own chances are slim.

But do we really want to be that famous? Do we really want everybody all up in our biz? Well, most of us probably want someone a little bit up in our biz. At least one person. Maybe two or three?

Maybe ten or so thousand on our blogs?


Personally, I’ve been blogging since October of 2015. On my alternate blog, Blackwood’s Magazine, I only have 356 WordPress followers. A little over 3,000 email followers — but the WordPress followers are the only one who like posts and leave comments, so we mainly just count them.

Not much of an accomplishment for almost a year of work, right? But that’s how it is for a lot of people. The trick is, not to let the fear that nobody’s watching keep you from sharing your creativity.

We might say, “Well, why should I post this? Not many people will like it. Probably no one will leave a comment.”


So what? Do you like what you wrote? Do you believe it? Does it make you feel proud of yourself to have written it?

Then that’s all that matters. Take out your own smartphone, and snap a selfie.



Thanks for reading!



11 thoughts on “Blogging Vs. Fame :0

  1. Hey! Don´t be sad: you´ve got more followers than I do and I started blogging a couple of months earlier 😉 But to be honest: I came to realize in the last months that I prefer the personal contact with a few fellow bloggers than being followed by thousands I don´t know… And anyway, it´s a process that needs time, C.M., like everything else that´s going to be perfect one day 🙂

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